Why Universal Health Insurance Is Unique

  • 24/7 Operational Hotlines: There are dedicated operational hotlines with 24 hour access to help and assist in every situation in Ghana.
  • Flexible Payment Terms: Our corporate clients can choose a payment plan (Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annually) deemed suitable for them and Universal Health Insurance will gladly welcome it.
  • Customized benefit plans: Universal Health Insurance can customize for corporate clients and their dependents, specific healthcare benefits or services that they would prefer to enjoy from our benefit plan table.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Members of the scheme can access services with ease from across the length and breadth of the various district and capital cities in particular and the country in general.
  • Prompt payment of bills: Universal Health Insurance is the only company among the rest who pay bill and claims submitted by healthcare providers within Fourteen (14) working days
  • Lifestyle Management: Members of the scheme enjoy free medical durbars and life style management seminars at least twice in a year, to educate them about basic healthcare needs.
  • Hospital Administration: Universal Health Insurance offers Third party administration services to companies and organizations who do not wish to be a health insurance scheme but wants quality healthcare services for their staff members and their dependents.
  • On – Site Clinic: To ensure high productivity and quality healthcare service delivery at the door step of clients, Universal Health Insurance can help set up a clinic within the company’s premises for the benefit of its employees once a space can be guaranteed.