Membership of the scheme is open to corporate institutions, organized groups, and/or associations who wish to join the scheme for the benefit of their members and dependents. Membership also cuts across the various sectors of the economy such as Banking and Finance, Insurance, Transportation, Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Haulage, Freight Forwarding and Logistics, Communication and Hospitality among others.

Corporate Membership 

This membership is for corporate entities who want to enroll their employees and their dependents on the scheme. The minimum number of employees to qualify a company for corporate membership is 10.

  • The Corporate entity fills a corporate application form.
  • Each prospective member +fills and submits an application form with a passport size photograph.
  • A pro-forma invoice based on the benefit option selected is generated for the firm.
  • Payment is made and a policy document is issued and executed.
  • Cards are printed and issued to members.
  • A training session is organized for members on how to effectively use scheme