Who we are

Universal Health Insurance is a private health insurance company registered under the laws of Ghana and by entrepreneurs in the health and insurance industries to provide quality, affordable and sustainable healthcare services to Ghanaians. Universal Health Insurance Limited was born on 22nd November, 2011.The Company was however incorporated in 2012, and was dully licensed by the National Health Insurance Authority (Regulator) on the 17th December 2013 to operate as a private health insurance Scheme. With staff strength of only two (2) at inception, and operating from an office space which can hardly be compared to the standard size of a standard bedroom in Ghana, the scheme has grown to become an undisputed leading player in the health insurance industry in Ghana. The scheme today can boast of operating from a modern office complex with over twenty (20) employees in direct employment of the company. The first corporate client of the scheme was Brobbson Limited, with membership base of Ten (10) and the first Healthcare Service Provider of the scheme was Raphal Medical Center. Today, the subscriber base of the company has grown into thousands and from a single healthcare service provider at inception, the service provider network has now scatted across the length and breadth of the country.